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Effective January 2020 the Gull Way annual assessment (i.e. condo fees) is $2,700 which may be paid in $225 monthly installments. Gull Way does not offer discounts for assessments paid in advance. Monthly fees received after the 15th of the month will be subject to a 10% ($22.50) late fee.

Payments may be made by personal check or electronically through the owner’s bank, made payable to Gull Way Villas Condominium. Payments are to be made to the below address. If you’re in Ocean City you may also drop off your check at any Bank of Ocean City branch.

Gull Way Villas Condominium
c/o Bank of Ocean City
P.O. Box 3899
Ocean City, MD 21843

Owners Please Note
  • If you leave your unit for a period of more than 24 hours, you must turn off your water at the main water valve in your unit. If there is a leak, you will be responsible for all damage. NOTE: If unable to turn water off or turn heat on please call the resident manager at 410-289-8615 or Email at ) (TIP: Place a coffee can under the turn-off valve to check for leaks.)
  • Gullway's insurance company stated that a 55 degree temperature must be maintained in units in the off-season.
  • Changes are not to be made to units without prior approval from the Board of Directors and/or the Architectural control committee. A change request form may be obtained from the Resident Manager or the President of the Board of Directors. (please see By-Laws Article VI , Obligations of Owners, section 5)
  • Please let the manager know in advance if a worker will need a key to gain access to your unit. Note that the manager does not stay with the worker or inspect their work.
  • There will be no smoking allowed in the pool area or in the hallways of all buildings.
Dryer Vents

According to the CPSC, 15,000 dryers catch on fire per year, resulting in millions of dollars in damages, injuries and even deaths. Dryer lint is extremely flammable and the reduced airflow from a clogged vent increases temperatures. Regular cleaning of your vent will save you money on your utility bills by reducing drying times.

Signs you should clean your dryer vent:
  1. When it takes longer to dry a load of towels than it used to.
  2. When the top surface of the dryer is hot when in use.
  3. Can’t remember the last time you had it cleaned.
Preventative maintenance saves time, money and potential disaster.
During the siding project, it was noticed that several deck landings are in need of a little TLC. Did you know that Gullway will provide the stain for you to improve the aesthetics of your deck? You can either stain the landing yourself or provide the stain to a contractor of your choice.
Personal Condo Insurance

Maryland Law requires that condo owners are responsible for the first $ 5,000.00 of damage where the claim originated. This is the law whether you have insurance or not. Check your current coverage to make sure it suits your current needs and covers any improvements you have made to your property.

Gullway’s master policy, as well as all commercial condo policies, only provide replacement back to “as built”. For example: Second bathrooms were not part of the builder’s original specifications and therefore are not covered. Coverage for improvements is solely the responsibility of the owner.

Delmarva Power Energy Rewards
Sign up for Delmarva Power Energy Wise Rewards Program and get a free Web-programmable Thermostat. Step by Step Instructions.

For owners who have installed a Delmarva Power remote programmable thermostat. When installed, these thermostats are originally set to a certain temperature called a set point. After a power outage, they can default back to that original setting, regardless of what you set it at when you left for the season. I would suggest making that set point 55 degrees, which is the minimum winter temperature required by our insurance company.

Recently, an owner was surprised with a $200.00 electric bill. After a recent interruption in power, their thermostat defaulted back to 69 degrees rather than the 55 that they had set it to when they left. The result was a significantly higher bill. Contact Delmarva power for instructions to make necessary changes.

Additionally, the electricity market has changed. For years, rates were set by a regulatory commission. Now, the market has been opened for competition for the supply only of electricity. Go to for further details and to calculate your potential savings.

Flood Insurance Policy
Owners, if you need a copy of the flood insurance policy, you can call the insurance company at 410-524-5700.
Ocean City Bulk Pick-up
Ocean city provides pick -up of large items which cannot be loaded into our trash bins. Items are to be placed curbside. The owner must call the city at 410-524-0391 for pick-up. There is a charge for up to three items and and additional charge for each additional item over three.

If disposing of a mattress, owners must call Bulk Pickup to recieve a mattress bag to place it in.

Owners will be fined if mattress bag is not used.

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